Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome to my .Net World

Welcome to my .Net World. I am in process of moving all my contents from my old blog to this one and  will be adding more contents when I've time but you should find lots of interesting stuff related to .NET.
One thing that makes .NET so interesting is the fact that C# and VB.NET are almost equal. Choosing the programming language used on project becomes more of personal decision rather than technological decision. In my website I've tried to use both languages with examples.
The first version of ASP.NET offered several important advantages over previous Web development models. ASP.NET 2.0 improves upon that foundation by adding support for several new and exciting features in the areas of developer productivity, administration and management, extensibility, and performance.
Microsoft has guidelines regarding 'Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability' which can be accessed using the following link:
For better readibility its in pdf format scalenet.pdf
This guide covers Microsoft's recommendations on how to build .NET applications that meet your performance objectives. The guidelines in this guide applies to various roles involved in the life cycle, including architects, designers, developers, testers, and administrators. It provides end-to-end guidance for managing performance and scalability throughout your application life cycle to reduce risk and lower total cost of ownership. It provides a framework that organizes performance into a handful of prioritized categories where your choices heavily impact performance and scalability success. The logical units of the framework help integrate performance throughout your application life cycle. Information is segmented by roles, including architects, developers, testers, and administrators, to make it more relevant and actionable. This guide provides processes and actionable steps for modeling performance, measuring, testing, and tuning your applications. Expert guidance is also provided for improving the performance of managed code, ASP.NET, Enterprise Services, Web services, remoting, ADO.NET, XML, and SQL Server.
Microsoft has developed code style guidelines that make a very good starting point (and often are all you need) which can be accessed using following link:

To quickly evaluate or learn how to build great applications for Windows and the Web, go to
MSDN Virtual labs.

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