Friday, September 9, 2022

No iOS signing iddentities match the specified provisioning profile "Name of profile"

 To solve this issue, try the following steps:

  1. Check if the apple certificate (distribution/development) is still valid at
  2. if certificate has expired then create a new certificate.
  3. download the certificate and double click so that its added to xcode. Verify that certificate is present in xCode.
  4. Now import this certificate to apple keychain. Go to Keychain, click Login, click Certificates on the top bar, then select the certificate, right click it and export as a p12 file, pay attention to remembering the password.
  5. Move the p12 file to your Windows machine, go to Tools -> Options->Xamarin ->Apple Account in VS, and click View Details, click Import Certificate, import the p12 file and input the password. Then check if the profile is in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Xamarin\iOS\Provisioning\Profiles

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